www.HaloGear.comIt’s a Snap!

Snap just went public with a fantastic IPO, but of course investors and users are greedy and want more.

Better known as Snapchat, the iPhone and Android app wants to be seen as a “camera company” while investors want strong user growth and users want more and more interactive fun.

I’ve got some thoughts on that!

The above enhancements would expand the Snap’s user-base by more than 30% in their first Quarter as a public company (e.g. lots of desktop watchers) by expanding the number of platforms that can see/use Snap (e.g. Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix, etc.) as well as by improved “discovery.”

Discovering new users is perhaps the Snap app’s weakest link. Snap has a “Discovery” feature for curated professional content, which is good, but allowing Snap users to “ReSnap” a video that one user enjoyed…to all of her friends…would allow “network effects” to come into play in introducing friends to “friends of friends.”

With the above in place, running Reverse Mardi-Gras ads would send personalized selfies of their real-world encounters with paying Brands zipping through the entire Snap user-base as friends and friends of friends ReSnapped the best Brand-Selfies to their followers. Because payments to Snap users would increase based on the “reach” of such ad forwarding, this behavior would become self-reinforcing. It would become a virtuous cycle of friends competing to create their best selfies with Snap’s paying sponsors…which would be ReSnapped (forwarded) to their Snap friends.

Such payments would absolutely enhance the value that users place on their Snap time. The self-generated content would be created at no cost to Snap’s sponsors, reducing their ad budgets to needing to only pay for ad views instead of paying for both ad views plus the ad/content creation. Users would now have a financial incentive to expand their followers, too.

Cover pages and options for Snap users to customize their covers will improve user-engagement as Snapsters spend more time in the Snap app making their cover designs and option choices, as well as make each of their user-created selfie videos more entertaining to their friends.

Adding the option to include voice narration after each selfie video has been made will give users an easy way to explain to their viewers what they are seeing, thinking, or feeling in that moment…which will improve the quality of the selfies that are made for Snap’s new video blogging service…which will give Snap a way to Build A User History so that users are more invested in the platform because they have their pics/videos on it. Likewise, enable an Auto-Save feature already as the default! Bonus points if saved Vlogs and pics can show their Likes and ReSnap “shares” to friends. It’s a “camera company,” remember!

After all, the future is visual. Snap should lead the way. Investors will love the above almost as much as their fun-loving users.

#7: Snap could allow each selfie video to become an animated GIF…with easy options to post it up to various other social media sites (with a clickback to Snap option, of course!)

#8: Premium content such as porn on Snap currently uses 3rd party payment systems, pointing to a strong existing user demand for Snap to implement its own in-app payment system that could also be used to pay users (#3 above for sharing ads) as well as content providers such as band backstage virtual passes

#9: include a Playback feature where the video is always rolling, but the Snapster can review and select the best 10 seconds to playback or Snap to her friends, such as getting the best footage of a game, wildlife, or party

#10: Snap could make an ephemeral "Conversation" mode identical to its current structure, plus add a "Memories" mode to archive video blogging content and individual pictures, replete with editing, fast-forward, and rewind abilities that improve the feature-set available to those using Snap as their primary camera company

#11: Snap could allow 3rd party plug-ins to be user-optional akin to Chrome browser extensions so that users can begin to customize their own personal versions of Snapchat on their phones (e.g. Shazam, how followers are Grouped, sound effects, audio filters, 3D filters, VR filters, geofilters, different timers, different GUI, custom interfaces to chat forums, etc.)...which could also lead to an eventual add-in market similar to an app-store, but internal to Snap for a new, additional revenue stream

#12: Snap could make its internal APIs freely available to outside developers to encourage vastly more new and creative uses of Snap as part of other apps and systems (e.g. robotics, drones, AI, sports stadium monitors, etc.)